CCC Hymn 377

Emmanuel Adeniran

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1: Let us give thank to the lord,
Jehovah the Almighty,
Creator of heaven and earth,
Who guideth us till this day.

2: He made the seven Heaven,
And even the seven Earths,
The sun and even moon,
That illuminates us around.
He fed all creatures sustaineth,
Even the birds of the air,
Sowing not harvesting not,
Also with beasts of the field.

4: Join us all to praise the Lord,
Whose glory is eternal,
King of evershining light,
King of our victory.

5: Jehovah Holy, Holy, Holy,
Behold us with Thine favour,
And be our protector in
This Holy congregation.

6: Jesus Christ the Redeemer,
Bind us with Thy salvation,
That we might be free from sin,
Sake of Thy blood that floweth.

7: Holy Michael our captain,
Defender of all the saints,
Lift thy sword in our defence
To conquer evil spirit.

8: Glory to Father on high,
Glory to His equal Son,
Glory to the Holy Ghost,
Trinity everlasting. Amen