CCC Hymn 276

Akoka Parish

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1: Rejoice with us ye brethren in Christ,
For this good luck we possess,
The hour of evil cometh,
That putteth the world in confusion,
O ye sinners repent from sins,
In this Celestial Church.

2: The big ditch of destruction now
To erupt all its bowls,
If thou would not want to perish,
Before Thy Lord and Redeemer,
Cling unto Christ in Celestial Church,
He surely would help you.

3: Shortly, the father would know not
his child, Nor the child would his
Renounce the world now run to Christ
It’s pleasant in His holy place,
Great tumult, destruction cometh,
Come to repentance.

4: I’m patiently waiting in my mercies,
Calling on ye poor sinners,
This hour, come to repentance,
Soon, the mercies would be no more,
Forsake wickedness, sorcery, idols
Christ surely would save us.

5: The entire world has sinned against
And yet, I regard not this,
I think not of beauty of Heaven
Countable are the hairs on your head
That made Me Christ bear the suffering,
I say, come, receive life.

6: And for the destruction of this world,
I draw this back with mercy,
And still, unbelief increase’s
They worship idols and sorcery,
They indulge in hatred, wickedness,
Forsake them, come to Me.

7: I have prepared many good things for
The shining crown of life,
Your dwelling is waiting for you,
On the suitable, good firm ground,
Depart from this world and come to
I’ll surely receive you. Amen