CCC Hymn 176

Celestial de quintet

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1: Father from heaven authorizes,
That the whole world may all tremble,
For Celestial Church from above,
The fold to purify the world,
Witches, wizards will all tremble
Beneath this new power divine,
Angels are filled with happiness,
We marvel at this last ship,
Halleluyah for all the works of God.

2: The last period is approaching,
Christ Jesus will surely return,
Yo give judgement to all the world,
His death upon the wooden cross,
Blood and water that both flowed
Out of His punctured sacred side
Must not be made to flow in vain,
All eyes will surely behold Him
And all the Host of His Holy Angels.

3: All sinners should be repentant,
For that great day, a trembling day,
The Angels will blow their trumpets
Earth and heaven shall be rolled away,
Oceans will all seize to exist
And all the dead will resurrect
Some with happiness exceeding,
Others will have great afflictions
Sinners will really tremble on that day

4: Those who died for the words of
Those who carried His wooden cross
Will resurrect with great glory,
They will be cloaked with glorious
They we crowned with golden crowns
With tender palm fronds in their hands,
They will fly up to meet Their Christ
Weariness will they know no more
Halleluyah the voices all proclaim. Amen